Hourley XMASSETS LLC was established in 2017, endeavoring the vast range of possibilities with modern asset management via our trading and mining practice to serve investors for making the best investment holdings.

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4.5% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 1 USD
Max 50 USD


5.0% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 51 USD
Max 100 USD


5.5% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 101 USD
Max 200 USD


6.0% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 201 USD
Max 500 USD


7.0% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 501 USD
Max 1000 USD


8.0% Hourly

Duration 24 Hours
Instant Only

Min 1001 USD
Max 50000 USD

about Hourley XMASSETS

Welcome to Hourley XMASSETS, the company that would be your trusted investment partner for a long haul. Hourley XMASSETS perform the strategically & riskfree crypto-currency trading and by performing it very safely, we provide the best asset management system based on modern technology. Along with that our primary interest of mining is also helping a lot in business. Having privet mining farms allows distinctive possibilities to serve our clients the best way they deserve.

The remarkably Increasing rates have opened up many occasions especially for who typically solicit high-density extent with low power dissipation. Hourley XMASSETS works with modern appliance network that provides accumulating power and steady profit ratio. Hourley XMASSETS secures high safety and security of your finances and major gains in profits. If you seek active crypto meriting, then plus it with Hourley XMASSETS!

Affiliates Program


3 Levels Referral Commission

By investing in Hourley XMASSETS you will get excellent referral commissions. For direct referrals you will get 5% interest on the amount deposited by the referral, 2% for Level 2 and 1% for Level 3.

10% Representative Program

Becoming a formal representative of Hourley XMASSETS investment platform brings you appealing extra income. For direct representatives you will get amazing 10% representative commission for becoming our long term advocates.